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Recent technological progress permits robots to actively and safely share a common workspace with humans. Europe currently leads the robotic market for safety-certified robots, by enabling robots to react to unintentional contacts. AnDy leverages these technologies and strengthens European leadership by endowing robots with the ability to control physical collaboration through intentional interaction.
#AnDyproject is on the Italian weekly magazine Panorama - they covered our first prototype of #sensorized suit + shoes + algorithms. Let's read it! With the participation of @DanielePucci and @ines_sorrentino @IITalk :)…
We were on air yesterday night! You can listen to our latest results @AnDy_H2020 @RoboticsEU told by @DanielePucci @DIC_LAB_IIT #sensor #suit #cobot…
How does the AnDy suit work? Ines @ines_sorrentino and Claudia @clatella86 @iitalk explain sensors and shoes to @oscarpuntel journalist @RaiTre #genova #Robotics
Daniele Pucci @DIC_LAB_IIT @IITalk is interviewed about #AnDysuit for a TV news @RaiTre #Genova
An.Dy has received funding from the European Union's Horizon 2020 Research and Innovation Programme under Grant Agreement No. 731540