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AnDy Suit

We are glad to annouce an integrated platform for human motion tracking and force-torque tracking towards research applications. This latest advancement is an outcome of continuous collaboration between Xsens Technologies, Netherlands and Italian Institute of Technology, Italy. See it in action and for further information. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The integration is enabled using the following set of wearable sensors systems:

  • (mandatory) Xsens Motion Tracking technology: IMU sensor system for real-time, reliable and accurate human motion tracking and analysis.
  • (mandatory) Force/torque shoes: force/torque shoes developed at IIT for real-time, portable monitoring and acquisition of the ground reaction forces.
  • (optional) PAEXO exoskeleton: upper-limb supportive exoskeleton for overhead work by Ottobock.

Documentation for Software Installation

The software integration framework is an open-source YARP-based platform. The code for Yarp installation is available in Github at

In order use the integrated platform for human motion tracking and force-torque estimation, An.Dy provides:


Wearables library is an open-source framework allowing network streaming and data collection for wearable sensor and actuator devices. It offers interfaces to expose homogeneous system data from heterogeneous wearable sensor systems.

Installation guide

To use the library please follow the steps:

Device Name Description OS
IAnalogSensor Exposes YARP IAnalogSensor Interface Linux/MacOS/Windows
FTShoes Exposes YARP ftshoe data Linux/MacOS/Windows
XsensSuit Exposes YARP XsensSuit data Windows
Paexo Exposes YARP Paexo data Linux

For further information, please refere to the offical documentation at this link

Human Dynamics Estimation (HDE)

Human Dynamics Estimation project is a collection of YARP devices for the online estimation of kinematics and dynamics of a human subject monitored with a set of wearable sensors. Sensors data ara accessed online from the network through Wearables library interfaces.

Installation guide

To use HDE please follow the steps:

The project can serve different applications. Depending on the application, a different set of hardware and sensors are required. The main applications are summarized in the following table:

Application Device Hardware Wearable Device
Inverse Kinematics Kinematic Sensors XsensSuit
Dynamics Estimation Kinematic Sensors & FTShoes XsensSuit & FTShoes
Whole-Body Retargeting Kinematic Sensors XsensSuit

Each application

  • can be run indipendently or as a combination of two or more applications,
  • can communicate with ROS
  • provides a visualizer.

For further information, please refere to the offical documentation at this link